The threshold is basically one of the factors which determines what IPs will be tagged as fraudulent by our system (and in turn will be blocked).

The best way to determine a good threshold is to evaluate your business' characteristics and according to those make your decision.

Try to evaluate- how many times does it take a genuine customer to click on your ads before they convert?

For example, in emergency services (I.E locksmiths, plumbers, road services etc) where one ad click is all that it takes for a conversion to occur, a threshold of 2 or even 3 might do the trick because a genuine customer will click once, but a competitor/fraudster will click many more times (and be blocked).

Another example is from the E-commerce field where returning visitors are very common. In this instance you would want to set your threshold to a rather high value in order to prevent blocking returning customers.

Our default setting is set to 3 clicks over the period of 90 days.

You can change it by going to your ClickCease dashboard, refer to the "settings" tab and then "manage detection rules".

You may now set multiple thresholds!

Note- an IP needs to only fall into one threshold category in order to be blocked.

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