Our system monitors each and every IP that clicks on your ads and runs it against dozens of different tests using our sophisticated algorithm in order to validate it. Some common sources that we test the IP against are different VPNs, proxies, known blacklists and more. The algorithm also analyzes the amount of clicks the IP has performed on your ads and other elements of user behavior.
When the system  identifies a fraudulent IP, it blocks it from seeing your ads (and therefore clicking on them further) by excluding it in your campaigns' exclusion lists.
This action is done instantly and automatically as soon as the problematic IP is detected.
We also offer you to determine a click fraud threshold to feet your business' unique characteristics (More on the click fraud threshold in the link here).

The automatic IP exclusion is part of our standard and premium protection plans.
On the basic protection plan you will be sent an email containing the fraudulent IP address so you may block it yourself, manually.

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