Using ClickCease will require to put ClickCease Tracking Template on your Google Ads account level. However, what if you've already got some parameters there already?

If you wish to pass Google ads related parameters, the best way will be to put those on your final URL. This can be done by placing them all in the "final URL suffix" field, right beneath the tracking template field. This is Google ads best practice for passing the parameters to the final URL.

For instance, if your current tracking template is {lpurl}?p1=abc&p2=123 and you wish to pass p1=abc&p2=123 to your final URL after the ad is clicked then all you should do is to copy p1=abc&p2=123 to the "final URL suffix" field.

Once you setup the "final url suffix" field,  you can copy the ClickCease tracking template to the tracking template field which should now be empty after moving the relevant parameters to the field below it.

For more information please refer to Google's Create and edit URLs and parameters:

Add URL parameters to a Final URL Suffix in Google Ads accounts

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