The ClickCease dashboard now includes a lot more data regarding each and every click.
You may select which categories you wish to view by clicking on the "Analytics" tab, scrolling down to the "Clicks Report" section and clicking on the "Show columns" tab on the top left corner above the table itself.

Clicks - the number of clicks a certain IP made on your ads in the chosen period.
Country - the Country the IP address belongs to.
City - the City the IP address belongs to
Recording - The session recording and interactions of the IP with your landing page.
First Click - the date and time the first click took place.
Gclid - the unique Google click id (gclid) assigned to the click.
Device id - the fingerprint generated for the device behind the IP.
Campaign Name - the campaign name that was triggered by the click.
Ad placement - the URL of the website where your GDN ad was placed.
Os \ browser - the operating system and browser of the user.
Queries - the keywords that were triggered by the click
requested URL - the url of the landing page.
ISP - the internet service provider the IP is related to.
Zip Code - the zip code of the area the IP is from. 

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