ClickCease seamlessly integrates to your Shopify based website. With just a few clicks you can install the HTML tracking code to your website.

First get your ClickCease tracking code, this can be done by Log in to your ClickCease account, and copy the Tracking code from the Domain settings Area.

Go to Domain Settings -> Domain Setup -> Tracking Installations, and under the Tracking code copy the short JAVA script.

Now that you've got the Tracking code, Please follow the next steps:

  1. Log into the Administrator Dashboard for your Shopify site
  2. Click on "Themes"
  3. Click on the "Template Editor" button
  4. Under the Layouts folder, locate and click on theme.test to open it up in the online code editor (Note: This may be called something different depending on your theme)
  5. This will open up the theme.test template page.
  6. Scroll down till you find the <body> tag, and paste the ClickCease JavaScript just beneath it.
  7. Don't forget to save your changes!

You are now set and good to go!

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