This article will go over merging your ClickCease Tracking Template with your SA360 tracking template.

How to get ClickCease Tracking template merged with SA360?

1. Login to your SA360 Account.

2. Choose the right Agency.

3. Choose the right advertiser.

4. Choose the right Account (Domain) for account level.

5. Click the settings icon under the account name.

6. Scroll down, look for the URL template section.

7. Add into the Tracking template field your ClickCease tracking template while adding "&t_url={unescapedlpurl}" at the end of it.

If you ClickCease tracking template is:{adposition}&locphisical={loc_physical_ms}&locinterest={loc_interest_ms}&adgrp={adgroupid}&kw={keyword}&nw={network}&url={lpurl}&cpn={campaignid}&device={device}&{placement}

The one you should put in SA360 will be:{adposition}&locphisical={loc_physical_ms}&locinterest={loc_interest_ms}&adgrp={adgroupid}&kw={keyword}&nw={network}&url={lpurl}&cpn={campaignid}&device={device}&{placement}&t_url={unescapedlpurl}

Go to step 11 in case you don’t know how to get your ClickCease Domain Tracking template.

8. Click Save.

9. If you login to your Google Ads Account, you will find a merged tracking template created by SA360 which is set on the Account level.

10. All Done.

11. How to get your ClickCease Tracking template.

a. Login to your ClickCease account.

b. Choose the domain.

c. Go to Domain Settings > Domain Tracking Setup:

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