When defining our ads' Click Fraud Threshold, we would like to consider our business and industry's characteristics. The threshold that will be good enough for an E-Commerce business, may not be right for an On-demand service or an Insurance company.

Each industry strategy that can be found on this list, has been designed based on millions of clicks of data and performance feedback from thousands of users. Choose a set of rules that matches your specific industries needs.

If you can't find your industry on the list, that's ok. Use the industry that is most similar to yours as a starting point. Additionally, we are always looking to add more industries to our platform, just let us know!

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Here are a few examples that best demonstrate this feature:


E-Commerce has a high rate of returning visitors, so we would want to set the threshold in a way that will prevent blocking them.

Typically, we see that around 90% of traffic only clicks on an ad once, but we recommend allowing for more click opportunities for E-Commerce brands.

Our default blocking rules for E-Commerce are pretty conservative and will allow a user to click 3 times in 10 minutes, 7 times in 7 days and 10 times in 30 days.

Advanced Mode offers an even more conservative strategy, whereby all fraud is blocked at a campaign level. This will allow for thousands of IPs to be blocked at once across your campaigns by only excluding an attacking IP on the individual campaign that was targeted. This will allow all users to reach all of your intended campaigns. Advanced mode works well as a strategy for larger E-Commerce brands.

On-demand Services:

With On-demand services, CPC (Cost Per Click) are very high, competition is fierce and the time to conversion is fast. Those services are extremely competitive industries and ripe with fraud. That is why we recommend going with a an extremely aggressive fraud blocking strategy of blocking each IP after the first click.

Since, the majority of legitimate leads will give you a phone call after the first paid ad click, there is no reason to allow someone to click on your ads a bunch of times and waste your budget. By setting the click fraud threshold of 1 click, you are eliminating the chance of spam and allowing your money to reach way more potential users instead of the same guy clicking over and over again.

Please note that a threshold of 1 will result in a 10/10 fraud rating and high detection rate. This is a good thing as it means all clicks are being detected and blocked immediately to prevent competitor spam.

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