Within your dashboard under Fraud Analytics > Keywords, you have the ability to discover keyword fraud trends and search for any keywords that you want to investigate with interactive trend lines.

You have the ability to cycle through your top keywords for Total Clicks, Fraud Clicks and Fraud Rate (Fraud Clicks divided by Total Clicks). This allows you to uncover which keywords are the most popular and which are the most susceptible to fraudulent activity.

Keyword Analytics is fully interactive and you can click on a certain keyword to add it to the graph or click on it to remove it from the graph and isolate just the keywords you want to display.

You also have the ability to Search for any keywords that are not displayed as your top keywords and investigate those too!

For example: I typed in the word "fraud" and the graph below now displays all my keywords that contain "fraud" in any way.

Additionally, you still have the option to toggle to "Reasons" tab and see your top fraudulent keywords broken down into their fraud type categories.

We hope that you have a lot of fun playing around with this feature and that it can help to uncover the best keywords to spend your budget on!

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