Can your system block IP ranges and not only specific IPs? What if I experience fraud from the same areas over and over again?

This article will provide you with the all of the information you need to answer those questions, explaining about IP Ranges and how to block them.

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IP Ranges:

Fraudsters often use IPs from similar locations to inflict damage on your campaigns. They may be spamming you from an office location with similar IP addresses or from a batch of virtual IPs within the same IP Range.

The IP Ranges tab allows you to analyze where your fraud is occurring, and the IP Range Exclusion feature allows you to block fraudulent ranges automatically.

IP Range Exclusion Feature:

The IP Range Exclusion feature allows our system to automatically block areas with high rates of fraud. This will keep you protected from click farms and bots that are spamming you from similar IPs using the same range (a common phenomenon). Once a large quantity of fraudulent IPs within the same IP range is detected, the system will block that range and not allow more clicks from other IP addresses within it.

To enable or disable this feature, log in to your dashboard and go to the Domain Settings tab and then into the Manage Auto-IP Blocking sub-tab.

How to Manually Exclude IP Range:

If there is an IP Range that you'd like to manually block, you can add it to the "Manually Exclude IPs" list. In your dashboard, go to the Domain Settings tab and then into the Manage Auto-IP Blocking sub-tab, and scroll down to Manually Exclude IPs. In order to exclude an IP range, replace the fourth (or in more severe cases the third) quadrant with an asterisk *.

For example: 1.2.3.* or 1.2.*.*

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 chat support.

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