ClickCease is able to recognize the invalid traffic coming from your Facebook advertising campaigns through different data points, and block visitors from seeing them again.

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How Does it Work?

When a user clicks on a Facebook ad and lands on the your website, ClickCease is able to detect if the user is valid or not based on a complex set of detection rules and different data points. Once we detect an invalid user, we signal to Facebook that this user is invalid. The invalid users are being "collected" into a dynamic custom audience list which will be blocked from seeing your future ads.

Note: this feature requires you have the ClickCease tracking code implemented on your site.

Enabling Facebook Ads Protection:

To enable Facebook Ads Protection:

  1. Login to your dashboard and go to Domain Settings > Manage Facebook Protection.

  2. Toggle Enable Facebook Protection

  3. You will now be asked to grant ClickCease with access to your Facebook account by linking it.

    Please note that if you do not have a Facebook pixel installed, an error message will be presented asking you to install one.

  4. Under Linked Facebook Ad account, choose the relevant pixel (if you do not have one, please use the article from step #3). Once the relevant pixel is chosen, the setup process will be complete.

  5. Under Your Account's Ad Sets, you will be presented with a list of all of your active Facebook campaigns and their relevant ad sets.

    Select the ad sets that you'd like to protect by switching the toggle button to "Active", for each ad set.

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