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We're very excited to present you with a new capability of ClickCease by CHEQ - the Bot Zapping.*

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*Currently available for WordPress based domains only. More website hosts will be supported in the near future.

*Customers are able to add WordPress based domains that are not being managed in ClickCease for Paid Marketing.

What Is Bot Zapping?

Bots that visit your website and perform certain dynamic actions are aiming to skew your site analytics, waste your team’s time and efforts on monitoring nonqualified conversions or reaching out to non-relevant leads, and give a false representation of your traffic quality.

Bot Zapping aims to help you protect your onsite conversion funnels by identifying invalid and malicious users and redirecting them to a 403 page, hence - blocking them.

This product protects not only your paid marketing site visits, but also organic search and direct site visits.

How Does It Work?

Bot Zapping is an AI capability based tool meant to detect the above threat. The block action will redirect the bot to a 403 error page - Unauthorized Access page - that is instead of letting the user into your website and harm it.

There are two main stages in which a bot can/will be blocked - upon page load or upon a malicious site interaction (dynamic action) performed.

  • Upon page load, we will present to the user with thousands of challenges. Based on the responses for those challenges, if our AI detected the visitor as a bot - it will be blocked and presented with a 403 error page.

  • If the user passed the page load challenges, we will keep monitoring its interaction with your website, and block based on the detected dynamic action.

Remember, Bot Zapping will block bots only (hence will not block any competitors and other human fraud sources). Bots interaction with your website will be performed in a manner that a human will not be able to execute.

Why Do I need to Use Bot Zapping?

Around 40% of all traffic being made have been made up Bot and Invalid users. Bots are giving you an inaccurate understanding of your conversion rates, wasting your team’s time and resources on follow-ups, and stopping you from focusing on real potential customers.

Examples of Potential attacks Bot Zapping Protects From:

  • Account takeover: occurs when an attacker illegally logs in to a user’s account. If the attack is successful, the malicious actor can carry out any manner of activities for their own gain.

  • Credential stuffing: testing of large numbers of compromised credentials (i.e., usernames and passwords breached from another site) against your login application to compromise those accounts for monetary gain.

  • Inventory hoarding: "Grinch bots" that automate a part, or the entirety, of the purchasing journey of your goods or services, in a manner that a normal user would be unable to undertake manually. The merchandise is then sold on the thriving reseller market at a significantly higher price, that puts it beyond the reach of consumers.

  • Denial of inventory: where an automated script repeatedly places an e-commerce products or services in the shopping cart, without ever completing the transaction.

Which Actions Can Bot Zapping Stop the Invalid User From Doing?

  • Filling out forms

  • Commenting

  • Adding items to cart

  • Sign up / Registration

  • Requesting a demo / reaching out to the support team

Does Bot Zapping Block All Bots?

No. We don't block Known Crawlers - good bots - that perform a helpful or useful action and don’t hurt the user experience on your website while doing so.

Examples of known crawlers are search engine crawlers (GoogleBot, for example), social network bots (Facebook Bot), and SEO-related crawlers (such as Semrush). These should be handled with care as they have an important influence on your website’s ranking.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 chat support.

What is the Difference Between ClickCease Paid Marketing & Bot Zapping?

  • ClickCease Paid Marketing protects your paid acquisition, making sure invalid users will not be presented with your Google or Facebook ads.

  • ClickCease Bot Zapping protects your online conversion funnels, making sure bots and invalid users cannot cause damage.

  • While ClickCease Paid Marketing looks only at paid acquisition, Bot Zapping also protects your site from organic and direct traffic.

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