Why are some bots blocked upon page load and some during on-site conversions?

Each page load request to your site is validated in our detection engine which includes thousands of checks. We start from monitoring page loads for bot activity before your website is loaded. Once on the site, a second detection layer filters out on-site suspicious activity leaving you only with the total number of genuine valid visits.

What is the Difference Between ClickCease Paid Marketing & Bot Zapping?

  • ClickCease Paid Marketing protects your paid acquisition, making sure invalid users will not be presented with your Google or Facebook ads.

  • ClickCease Bot Zapping protects your online conversion funnels, making sure bots and invalid users cannot cause damage.

  • While ClickCease Paid Marketing looks only at paid acquisition, Bot Zapping also protects your site from organic and direct traffic.

Why am I seeing different threat types?

  • We are utilizing new AI capabilities to identify the bots we need to protect your website from, as this action is different and new, we have mapped new threat types.

  • In Bot Zapping, the threat is no longer competitors clicking on your ads, but bots doing damage to your site.

Do all of my domains have to be protected by both Paid Marketing and Bot Zapping?

  • No, you have the option of protecting your domains with either or both products.

Why is an IP blocked in one product but not the other?

  • As the threats impacting Paid Marketing are different than to onsite conversions, a user might be deemed invalid in one, but not the other.

  • Blocking a user from your site is a deterministic action. Our AI ensures we block only bots and malicious activity.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our 24/7 chat support.

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