The Click Fraud Threshold gives you the power to set how many times an individual IP can click on your paid ads before being automatically blocked.

The best way to determine a good threshold is to evaluate your business' characteristics and click volume. Try to evaluate - how many times does it take a genuine customer to click on your ads before they convert?

For example, in emergency services (I.E locksmiths, plumbers, repairs etc) where one ad click is all that it takes for a conversion to occur, we recommend setting the threshold to 1 or 2 clicks. A threshold of 1 will block every IP right away so that a user has one chance to click on your paid ad and give you a call. Since the CPC is often high and the problem is immediate, limiting the amount of clicks will help you get the most out of your budget.

*Please note that a threshold of 1 will result in a 10/10 fraud rating and high detection rate. This is a good thing as it means all clicks are being detected and blocked immediately to prevent competitor spam.*

Another example is from the E-commerce field where returning visitors are very common. In this instance you would want to set your threshold to a rather high value in order to prevent blocking returning customers. We recommend a starting threshold between 5-10 clicks in 30 days, depending on the size of your monthly click volume. Below 10,000 monthly clicks should fall closer to 5, while high volume accounts (100,000+ monthly clicks) can allow up to 10 clicks in 30 days.

You can set up to 5 threshold rules!

We recommend setting multiple rules to block competitors from spamming your ad campaigns in a short period of time, while also defending against long-term damage. One example of this strategy is to allow up to 3 ad clicks in 1 hour, while allowing 5 clicks within 30 days. 

*Hitting ANY one of these threshold rules will result in an "Over Threshold" block.

Our default setting is set to 3 clicks over the period of 90 days. We HIGHLY suggest changing the threshold to match your business needs. Please let us know if you still need help setting an appropriate threshold.

You can change it by going to your ClickCease Dashboard > Domain Settings > Manage Detection Rules > Click Fraud Threshold

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