IP: the IP address of the clicker when he clicked on your advertisement.

Source: tells you whether the click was detected in Google or Microsoft Ads. If he is in the “Google Ads” sub-tab, the source for every click in the table will be Google and vice versa.

OS: the operating system the clicker used when he clicked on the ad (e.g., Windows, Mac, iOS, etc.).

Browser: the browser the clicker used when he clicked on the ad (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.).

Clicks: how many times the specific IP clicked on the ad.

First Click: what time the first click was done.

Last Click: what time the last click was done.

Campaign Name: the campaign that was triggered when the clicker clicked on an ad. If you did not grant our MCC account access to your Google Ads account and/or not refreshed the campaign list in your dashboard, this column will remain empty. Meaning, this column is only relevant for clients protected by the standard/premium packages.

Requested URL: the URL of the landing page that was reached when the user clicked on the ad. If you turned the auto-tagging option on your Google Ads account to ‘ON’, a GCLID suffix is added to the URL.

Queries: which keywords the clicker searched for that brought him to the ad that he clicked on.

Device ID: a unique value generated by our system. This column is relevant for all packages but will only be filled if you installed the tracking code correctly onto your website (see Monitoring).

Ad Placement: Google Ads has a feature that enables its users to advertise their product/service on other sites (i.e., not search engines). If the clicker clicks on this advertisement, he is redirected to the same landing page as if he were to click on an ad that appears through a search query. If this is the case, the URL of that site will appear in this column.

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