If you have the tracking code installed and behavior analysis turned on, you can choose to block IPs that bounce from your site. You can choose how many seconds a visitor needs to spend on your site in order to not be blocked. For example, if you choose 3 seconds, visitors who spend less than 3 seconds on your site will not be shown your ads in the future. These IP addresses will be blocked in the same way and for the same time as if they were blocked by the click threshold.

To enable this feature, head over to Manage Detection Rules in the dashboard, enable Behavior Analysis, and then choose a number of seconds between 1 and 30 and enter it into the textbox. The feature will then be toggled on. You’re done. To turn it off, just switch the toggle to off.

We recommend keeping the number low. You don’t want to block real visitors to your site.

How do you know if IPs are being blocked? IPs blocked by this feature will appear in the blocked IP table and donut chart in Fraud Analytics.

NOTE: This feature is not available for ClickCease Basic Plan, which doesn't include Session Recording & Analysis feature, It is not available for Microsoft ads at this stage.

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