This feature allows you to configure your settings to match your campaign strategy and goals. You can now create separate rules for individual campaigns or groups of campaigns. 

This feature is available under Domain Settings>Manage Detection Rules.

Create up to 9 campaign groups. Each groups can have a different set of threshold rules. You can name each group based on the type of campaign it is (brand, search, re-marketing, competition, GDN etc.).  

To create a group, click on "Create Group".

This will create a new group. You can edit the name of the group to match the type of campaigns that will be contained. The "Add Campaign" search allows you to add the campaigns that you would like to be protected with these rules. Each group can have up to 5 different threshold rules, click on "Add Rule" to add more.

You can exclude a campaign from being protected from fraud by adding it to the "Excluded Campaigns" group. *Not Recommended*

Click on "Update Campaign Groups" to save any changes. Click on "Pull Campaigns" to refresh any new campaigns that were just added to your Google Ads account.

The 'Click Fraud Threshold' rules determine how many clicks ClickCease will allow from a given IP before automatically blocking it. You may not want to allow the same number of clicks for all of your campaigns. 

For example, you may want strict threshold rules (allowing fewer clicks) for search campaigns with high cost per clicks. While for re-marketing campaigns with cheaper cost per clicks, you may want to allow your traffic to click more freely.

Campaign level threshold rules gives you the flexibility to get the most out of your Google Ads campaigns.

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