1. The first thing is to download the report. Go to Tools -> Refund Claims and download the report file.

2. Next, head on over to Google's official refund claim page Link. You will be asked to log into your respective Google account if you haven't done so yet.

  • Contact name - Submit your full name

  • Contact email - The email at which you would like to receive Google’s response

  • Account Login Email ID - This should be your registered Google Ads login email and should be filled in automatically.

  • Google Ads Customer ID – Your Google Ads client ID. Make sure NOT to submit your MCC ID in case you are logged in through an MCC account currently.

  • Date when the suspicious activity began – Start date of the report

  • Date when suspicious activity ended – End date of the report

  • Campaigns affected - All

  • Add additional - All

  • Ad Groups affected - All

  • Keywords affected - All

  • Did you recently opt into the Google Display or Search Networks? - Answer accordingly

  • Were any of your ads approved in the past month? - Answer accordingly

  • Did you recently increase your budget or bids? - Answer accordingly

  • Have you checked for invalid clicks in your account? - Answer accordingly, the default answer should be yes.

  • Summary of the issue - “Please see the attached form for fraudulent activity and check our account”

  • IP addresses – leave empty, included in the report

  • Suspicious sites – Leave empty

  • Attach a copy – upload the report that you have download in step 1

  • How would you like a Google expert to respond? – Email me

  • Email CC- submit your email address again or someone else’s who you would like to receive Google’s response.

3. Now, all that is needed is to click the submit button.

If you have any further questions our support team is available to answer them via chat.

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